Saturday, April 10, 2021

HRH Prince Philip

  I woke up yesterday to the terrible new of the passing of HRH Prince Philip. It has been hard for me to digest. I just thought the Iron Duke would live well past his hundredth year. I have seen HRH a number of times in person. I first met him at a private charitable dinner in Montreal 30 years ago. He was very good humoured and  laughed at the gag gifts he was given. This was one of his many private to the Great Dominion.  The Last time i saw HRH in person was 10 years ago at a state dinner in Toronoto. My friends MarkSteyn and Ben Woodfinen have written lovely tributes , far better than I ever could.

 I am not completely sure why I am so sad. It may be because I worry about Our Sovereign Lady, who must be devastated by his loss.  One line of our <a href=>Royal anthem </a> says the Sovereign is our Mother Prince and friend, so yet must her husband be like the Father of the Commonwealth.  It is like losing a member of Our Great Imperial Family to which we all belong. HRH  has done so much for his family, Canada and the Commonwealth. I understand a statue of him will be built on the Mall. Maybe the fourth plinth of the Nelson Memorial?  I ve also heard that perhaps a new Royal Yacht will be commissioned and named after HRH. 

 HRH should be honoured and cherished for all he has done for us and for his absolute support of HM The Queen.  HM and HRH are symbols of stability in uncertain times. Perhaps that is why I feel so unsettled now.  I pray for the repose of his soul.

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