Friday, January 11, 2019

An Unsafe Space

review I just attended the premiere of my friend Richard Klagsburn play An Unsafe Space in Toronto at the Tranzac Club 292 Brunswick. If you know me, you know that I go to a lot of theatre. I was very impressed by A Safe Space. It was very well written and very funny. The cast was very professional and talented. I particularly enjoyed the performance of the lead actor Craig Lauzon. The entire cast was impressive. The subject matter was only too relevant in this age of political correctness, academic closemindedness and deplatforming. The tale was told without preachiness but with humour. Klagsburn's writing is far funnier than most of the shows on television today. I have s After the show there was a talkback with Sky Gilbert one of the co-founders of Buddies in Bad Times Theater who has also experienced his own version of deplatforming. It was an immensely enjoyable evening. And I am not saying that just as one of the sponsors of this piece, I really think you should see this play. Tickets are still available and it is on until January 20,2019, at the Tranzac Club 292 Brunswick, Toronto. My friend Andrew Lawton enjoyed it as well. Bravo Richard Klagsburn and the entire cast!!! Another great review.

Sky Gilbert and Richard Klagsburn

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