Sunday, February 24, 2008

Suicide after abortion

This is so very sad. Abortion can lead to profound depression and psychological difficulties. The death cult feminists want to to deny all this , but the evidence is there for them to see.
Artist hanged herself after aborting her twins
Last Updated: 12:23pm GMT 24/02/2008

An artist killed herself after aborting her twins when she was eight weeks pregnant, leaving a note saying: "I should never have had an abortion. I see now I would have been a good mum."

Her suicide note read: "I told everyone I didn't want to do it, even at the hospital. I was frightened, now it is too late. I died when my babies died. I want to be with my babies: they need me, no-one else does."

The inquest at Truro City Hall heard that Miss Beck had split up with her boyfriend, referred to as "Ben" after he "reacted badly" to the pregnancy.

Joel at PTBC also writes about this tragedy.


Anonymous said...

An eye for an eye....

Anonymous said...

People with any morals will have trouble finding any empathy for this artists who slaughtered her twins prior to feeling remorseful for herself.

Most of us who actually have any values will be feeling distress for, and will only mourn over the lost of the two butchered ,vulnerable children who have been robbed of life by this murder.

Anonymous said...

If the pro choice crowd all did this eventually they will have no one left to voice any opinion... I feel bad for the entire situation this artist went through. First it sounds like she wanted to stop the process but no one listened to her plea and later the remorse and broke heart killed her will to live.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps its time that our government began legislating some precincts re: partial- birth slaughter, parent notification, which semester, ect pursuant to these pro-slaughter people.

Of course we would require a legitimate small-c conservative to expedite this badly needed legislation; however, Harper is not a authentic conservative so unsullied babies will continue to be butchered.

Unknown said...

This is a horrible and tragic loss of life all the way around.

Anonymous said...

20 years ago I saw a movie called " They lied to us" , it was about the affects to young females who bought into the femiNazis Pro-Abortion stance that claimed the child wasn't really a human yet and just a lump of tissue to discard .

Then about 12 years ago I met a woman in her mid to late 30's who had 2 abortion from unprotected sex during the partying days , she wanted to be married and have several kids as if her whole past was erased as a minor mistake .
But nobody told her back then that you can't just flip a switch in your late 30's and start a family while having no residual affects from 2 abortions that they were so pro-Choice over to demand it and get OHIP to pay for it too.
The movie showed the life of a real person who had the abortion and then was shown the door as if she just had her teeth cleaned , the psychological damage to be dumped at the Clinic's exit was long lasting and reduce the baby to a burden like removing a Wart and then getting on with your life.

Sadly though , the free showing of the 16 mm movie at a local support group for victims of the drive-tru abortion didn't have a females attend to learn from it or reflect on their abortion and get so help to accept what happened and live with it as a bad choice from misleading propaganda by Feminist suffering from a self-hatred and social anger over their pathentic life.

Keep in mind that even today the females and media will focus on the suicide tragedy and not one second on the baby suffering being hacked up and sucked out into the trash as a burden to a career or goal in life.