Saturday, April 10, 2021

HRH Prince Philip

  I woke up yesterday to the terrible new of the passing of HRH Prince Philip. It has been hard for me to digest. I just thought the Iron Duke would live well past his hundredth year. I have seen HRH a number of times in person. I first met him at a private charitable dinner in Montreal 30 years ago. He was very good humoured and  laughed at the gag gifts he was given. This was one of his many private to the Great Dominion.  The Last time i saw HRH in person was 10 years ago at a state dinner in Toronoto. My friends MarkSteyn and Ben Woodfinen have written lovely tributes , far better than I ever could.

 I am not completely sure why I am so sad. It may be because I worry about Our Sovereign Lady, who must be devastated by his loss.  One line of our <a href=>Royal anthem </a> says the Sovereign is our Mother Prince and friend, so yet must her husband be like the Father of the Commonwealth.  It is like losing a member of Our Great Imperial Family to which we all belong. HRH  has done so much for his family, Canada and the Commonwealth. I understand a statue of him will be built on the Mall. Maybe the fourth plinth of the Nelson Memorial?  I ve also heard that perhaps a new Royal Yacht will be commissioned and named after HRH. 

 HRH should be honoured and cherished for all he has done for us and for his absolute support of HM The Queen.  HM and HRH are symbols of stability in uncertain times. Perhaps that is why I feel so unsettled now.  I pray for the repose of his soul.

Friday, January 11, 2019

An Unsafe Space

review I just attended the premiere of my friend Richard Klagsburn play An Unsafe Space in Toronto at the Tranzac Club 292 Brunswick. If you know me, you know that I go to a lot of theatre. I was very impressed by A Safe Space. It was very well written and very funny. The cast was very professional and talented. I particularly enjoyed the performance of the lead actor Craig Lauzon. The entire cast was impressive. The subject matter was only too relevant in this age of political correctness, academic closemindedness and deplatforming. The tale was told without preachiness but with humour. Klagsburn's writing is far funnier than most of the shows on television today. I have s After the show there was a talkback with Sky Gilbert one of the co-founders of Buddies in Bad Times Theater who has also experienced his own version of deplatforming. It was an immensely enjoyable evening. And I am not saying that just as one of the sponsors of this piece, I really think you should see this play. Tickets are still available and it is on until January 20,2019, at the Tranzac Club 292 Brunswick, Toronto. My friend Andrew Lawton enjoyed it as well. Bravo Richard Klagsburn and the entire cast!!! Another great review.

Sky Gilbert and Richard Klagsburn

Sunday, February 25, 2018

King Charles III ( spoiler alert)

 I have quite scrupulously avoided seeing this play for 4 years,  since I first heard of its existence in its premiere at The Almeida in London. I am a staunch monarchist and even though I see a lot of plays , I knew this one would upset me.  I bought a Mirvish subscription, as I have for many years , and it was part of the season.
  The play takes place after the death of Our Sovereign Lady. ( an event that I pray will be many years in the future) and the succession of Prince Charles. It is Our Monarchy , the game of thrones edition.
 The sets were fairly simple and the script is written in sometimes rhyming free verse.  It makes the members of the Royal Family look weak and venal.  That the obvious bonds of family and fealty are non existent. That the sons would unseat the father. That Kate is Lady Macbeth.  That the armed services would not obey their oaths of fealty.
 I guess is was meant to be more of a Shakespearean fable, complete with maternal ghost.
Rhe Prince off Wales knows his constitutional role very well.  I doubt he would allow th events of the play, after all he was schooled by Elizabeth the Great.
 I did not enjoy this play, but mostly because of its plot. The acting was good. It is just not a play for anyone who knows anything about The Crown.

Friday, June 30, 2017


 Its is the 150th anniversary of the founding of our Great Dominion. I arrived in Canada in 1963 from Kerala India with my Mom Dr Rachel Eappen. My father came to Canada to complete his PhD in Physics.
 I am extraordinarily grateful to this wonderful land. My family and I have  prospered here. I have made many friends here and have enjoyed the beauty and generosity of the Canadian people. My loyalty to the Monarchy is part of my love for tithe Great Dominion. I was taught that The Sovereign is the living embodiment of Canada. I used to sing God Save the Queen daily in the first few years of  primary school.

 I remember the 100th anniversary of Confederation. I was 6 in 1967. I remember expo 1967 and the wonders of that great year.

 The celebrations this year seem a little muted. They shouldn't be. We are a great Dominion. WE are prosperous , welcoming  and have been a major force for good in the world.  I see more greatness coming , especially if he increase our ties with the Commonwealth starting with the senior Realms ( #Canzuk) and then the wider Commonwealth.

 I wish all of my fellow Canadians a wonderful Dominion day. We will prosper and succeed together. We are all brothers and sisters.

God Save the Queen, 
Our loved Dominion bless, 
With peace and happiness,
From shore to shore;
And let our Nation be Loyal, united, free
True to herself and Thee
God save the Queen.

Friday, June 09, 2017


I am somewhat shocked by the UK election results. I had expected a 130 seat Tory majority.I am a Canadian Tory, but I want conservative governments through out the senior Realms of the Commonwealth.  I would not have backed May for leader. Andrea Leadsome seemed the better choice and she was a Brexiteer. May kind of grew on me. I enjoyed watching her  spar with the communist corbyn.  So what happened?
 1.As Canadian politicos have learned don't call an election when you already have a mandate.
2. The Tory manifesto was horrible. As a Canadian friend living in London told me, it could have been written by the NDP ( Canadian socialist party)
3. May over estimated her personal popularity. The Tories won huge gains in local elections a few weeks ago. In this election the branding was all MRS May  very little sign of the Tory brand. I m surprised by this,  Lynton Crosby.
4. The Tory campaign was a gong show. May refused to debate!!! Was she afraid? She did it in the house frequently. She should have taken on Corbyn anywhere.
5, kids seem to want free stuff. A lot of the young seem to have come out to support the crazy corbyn manifesto.
5. Given 1-4 a lot of people voted to give MRS May a bloody nise( in the words of one of my Uk friends) I think more people did it thinking the Tories would still get a majority. [NDP election in Alberta]
So what now . I am a Unionist!!! Sturgeon has been defanged. The Scots do not want another divisive pointless referendum. I suspect Sturgeons "leadership " is ar risk. It was great seeing Alex Salmond  being defeated by a Tory. The DUP  is pretty conservative and the despise the IRA loving corbyn.  I met Lord Trimble ( former DUP leade) at a Thatcher dinner . He is pretty conservative.  I expect they will be a stable partner. They voted Tory in the past , I don't see that happening.
 It's time for a new leader and a real conservative manifesto. The UK  Tories could learn from their Canadian cousins. Have policies proposed from the grass roots.
Brexit must happen . It should be a Hard Brexit. The Uk must return to the family they abandoned The Commonwealth . The reaction of the EU has shown the contempt that f the EU for the British people,  There is still a massive mandate for Brexit.  I think this arrangement may be stable ( DUNN fein dont sit so a majority is 321) but if it is not a better leader and Manifesto will win a Tory majority.

Finally I wish only the best for the UKas do the vast majority of Canadians , Australians and New Zealand's . You are our Ally Our friends and our family. # Canzuk

God Save Our Queen!!! God Bless the peoples of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth!!!