Sunday, February 25, 2018

King Charles III ( spoiler alert)

 I have quite scrupulously avoided seeing this play for 4 years,  since I first heard of its existence in its premiere at The Almeida in London. I am a staunch monarchist and even though I see a lot of plays , I knew this one would upset me.  I bought a Mirvish subscription, as I have for many years , and it was part of the season.
  The play takes place after the death of Our Sovereign Lady. ( an event that I pray will be many years in the future) and the succession of Prince Charles. It is Our Monarchy , the game of thrones edition.
 The sets were fairly simple and the script is written in sometimes rhyming free verse.  It makes the members of the Royal Family look weak and venal.  That the obvious bonds of family and fealty are non existent. That the sons would unseat the father. That Kate is Lady Macbeth.  That the armed services would not obey their oaths of fealty.
 I guess is was meant to be more of a Shakespearean fable, complete with maternal ghost.
Rhe Prince off Wales knows his constitutional role very well.  I doubt he would allow th events of the play, after all he was schooled by Elizabeth the Great.
 I did not enjoy this play, but mostly because of its plot. The acting was good. It is just not a play for anyone who knows anything about The Crown.

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