Friday, June 30, 2017


 Its is the 150th anniversary of the founding of our Great Dominion. I arrived in Canada in 1963 from Kerala India with my Mom Dr Rachel Eappen. My father came to Canada to complete his PhD in Physics.
 I am extraordinarily grateful to this wonderful land. My family and I have  prospered here. I have made many friends here and have enjoyed the beauty and generosity of the Canadian people. My loyalty to the Monarchy is part of my love for tithe Great Dominion. I was taught that The Sovereign is the living embodiment of Canada. I used to sing God Save the Queen daily in the first few years of  primary school.

 I remember the 100th anniversary of Confederation. I was 6 in 1967. I remember expo 1967 and the wonders of that great year.

 The celebrations this year seem a little muted. They shouldn't be. We are a great Dominion. WE are prosperous , welcoming  and have been a major force for good in the world.  I see more greatness coming , especially if he increase our ties with the Commonwealth starting with the senior Realms ( #Canzuk) and then the wider Commonwealth.

 I wish all of my fellow Canadians a wonderful Dominion day. We will prosper and succeed together. We are all brothers and sisters.

God Save the Queen, 
Our loved Dominion bless, 
With peace and happiness,
From shore to shore;
And let our Nation be Loyal, united, free
True to herself and Thee
God save the Queen.

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Frances said...

Belatedly, but it's always great to see your blogs, Dr Roy.

Back in 1967, we celebrated. This year, not so much. An anniversary sould be a time of celebration, but JT and the Lieberals made it a time or mourning and contrition for "sins" of the past. True, Canadians have not been perfect, but we haven't been that bad either and we have generally speaking been more welcoming and open to newcomers than many other nations.

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