Friday, June 24, 2016

UK votes Leave

#Brexit!!!!! I have not hidden my view that The United Kingdom would be better off out of the bureaucratic, over reaching eu. The sheer arrogance of the eu officials during the campaign was enough to drive the people of the UK out.
 Now is the time for Britain's traditional allies in the Commonwealth and the United States to immediately negotiate free trade deals with our UK brothers and sisters.  This is an historic time, the Uk turned its back on the Commonwealth in 1975 , but now the time has come to reunite with old friends and family.
 The hysteria of some in the UK is over the top.  The sun will continue to shine on UK that is more free outside the eu. The eu has no one to blame but itself. I expect votes by many other states  to leave this bureaucratic nightmare.
 God Save the Queen!!!!! God Bless the people of a free Britain.

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Anonymous said...

Well done Brits, you have woken up and voted with great courage. Meanwhile Trudeau has both feet on the gas, recklessly and rapidly turning over our independence to his masters at the U.N. Hopefully Canadians will wake up before it is to late.