Friday, February 06, 2015

The Supreme Court of Canada prescribes Death

 The SCOC under chief injustice maclachlan has further embraced a culture of death. It was a 9-0 decision. I am sure the bully chief injustice was instrumental in that. Perhaps these unelected, unaccountable judges should be the executioners in these cases. We have a public health care system which is rapidly running out of money. We have a lot of elderly and infirm people. So now the liberal left has a solution. kill off the old and infirm. We have inadequate palliative care services. We have shortages of hospital beds. I am sure the old and infirm will be manipulated to die. I believe in patient autonomy. A patient has the absolute right to refuse any therapy. The government has no right to force me as a physician to offend my conscience. Unfortunately the College of Physicians in Ontario doesn't seem to understand that. I don't think you will find many doctors who will violate the Hippocratic Oath and kill their patients. It will also poison the doctor patient relationship. Almost every palliative care physician I know opposes doctor assisted suicide. The supreme court under injustice maclachlan has give a series of decisions that are against free speech and pro death ( including the insite decision). injustice maclachlan cannot retire fast enough( Unfortunately 2017). I think the government needs to teach these activists a lesson. Use the notwithstanding clause. injustice maclachlan has gone rogue. She needs to be reminded of the supremacy of parliament. Barbara Kay understands. We need more available palliative care. Patients who are suicidal and at end of life, usually change their minds if given adequate palliative care.


Anonymous said...

the justices are extreme socialists and we can look forward to more meddling in society in years to come. they will not benefit society and the will of the people will be suppressed by them.

Anonymous said...

Six of the none Justices on the SCoC were appointed by Harper. And ALL of them supported this decision. This is neither a left wing nor right wing decision. If one has a disability to excercise their right to commit suicide then surely they have a right to assistance. If one cannot cast a ballot without assistance shall they too lose their right, in this case to vote? Utter non-sense and foolish chatter from the social conservatives.