Thursday, February 05, 2015

The Hashemite King of Jordan

Good for HM King Abdullah his response to the barbarians of Isis was completely appropriate. The barbarians burned a Jordanian pilot alive? The barbarians seem to only understand violence. And indeed who do these monsters kill the most , other Muslims. We need our Arab allies to take on this existential threat to Islam itself. The West should be in a supportive role. The boots on the ground must be local. hM Abdullah. Has also fought the monsters ideologically. He had a conference uniting the various Islamic schools and releasing a statement against extremism and ignorance. Iraq was once a Hashemite Kingdom before the horrible baathists took over. Constitutional Monarchy is a way to unite the the divided countries of the Middle East including Libya, Afghanistan and even Iraq.

I pray for the safety of HM King Abdullah , HM Queen Rania and all the Jordanian people who fight against evil.


Anonymous said...

My I ask what exactly is Canada doing about the issue? After all we did have TWO attacks against our military on home soil that resulted in TWO military members DEAD!!!!

So we got a half a dozen jets over there and some support troops! Well If I was the PM of this great nation we call Canada, there would be one mofo can of whoopass opened up on those Muslims who think that their ideology will rule.

Oh that's right to I forgot that we in Canada are tolerant and accommodating to religious minorities in the name of creating an egalitarian liberal Pierre/Justine Trudeau society.

We now allow Muslims to pray in public some schools, have segregated swimming time at some public recreation facilities and allow their women to keep their face covered while testifying in court or boarding an airplane.
We have special foot baths at Regina University so that Muslims can wash their feet before entering their special prayer rooms.

After all this is only their right in an equal society so I must be a racists then.

Anonymous said...

Jordan was the only country that supported Saddam's invasion of Kuwait. So there...