Sunday, February 15, 2015

More innocent Christian martyrs at the hands of the evil islamists

Another despicable act by the monsters of isis. At least the Egyptian President has called for 7 days of mourning and has vowed to go to the UN security council. Meanwhile another jihadi attack in Denmark. I guess justin trudeau will advocate sending more blankets.


Anonymous said...

This is sickening and something should be done about it it's the LAST straw!!!!

Yep folks the last straw right?

Well I will tell you all that this is only the beginning because Canada, the United States, the U.K. the rest of the so called free world are a bunch of cowards.

Look at Canada for God's sack. We had two ISIS attacks on our own soil killing 2 Canadian soldiers and crap all was done.

I remember when Private Lee Rigby (you may need to google his name cause most Canadians have no clue who he is) was murdered by beheading right in the streets of England while cowardly English people looked on in proper British political correctness.

The same for all Canadians who are sitting by dreaming that Harper is doing something about it by sending a few planes over to the middle east to bomb a few soft targets such as empty building and abandon vehicles on the side of the road. Hell we might as well send those ISIS bastards some blankets to keep them warm cause Harper isn't doing crap.

At least Harper is calling them terrorists all the while still allowing over 50 thousand Muslim immigrants into Canada.

Shame on Canada and Shame on the Harper government for standing by and allowing Muslims to take over the world and the country. And Shame on the Muslim community in Canada for remaining silent while you watch your so called peaceful religion be radicalized.

BTW, Canadians don't even know the names of the two soldiers that ISIS killed on our soil last year? So go and google that while your googling Private Rigby.

Anonymous said...

Hey good one. You slimed all Muslims everywhere and got a Trudeau cheap shot in too. Bravo.

Roy Eappen said...

Another anonymous liberal troll, who stands by while Christians are murdered and closes his eye to the jihadist threat.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I think a lot of people are getting sick of the "not all muslims are terrorists" line; realizing finally that it is a moot point.

I think a lot of people are also past caring whether muslims are offended by people pointing out the glaringly obvious.

Murray the Hun said...

If this is war, let's do it. ISIS et al need to die - in the largest numbers possible. If this is not war, then we need to secure our borders and carry on. Decision time is coming soon.

Anonymous said...

Terrible. What people forget is Coptic Christians have been Christian longer than almost all of Europe and were Christian even before Islam claim, otherwise they are not converts as a legacy of colonialism, but early converts back during the Roman Empire when the Gospel was being spread. Likewise it seems they have managed to live for 1,400 years without too much problem in a predominately Muslim country, so why a problem now. Hopefully the Muslim world as Jordan has promised to do unite to destroy these evil types. Killing in Islam is Haram (forbidden) much like the ten commandments in Christianity prohibit it so this is not a religious war, its a war against some murderous thugs.

Anonymous said...

@Murray the Hun:
Yes I agree with you and as a Canadian I'm waiting............I know that the PM sent a few jets over there but like hello? What ever Canada is doing right now is NOT WORKING whatsoever.

We have the largest immigration of Muslims in our history and Islam is the fastest growing religion in Canada.

If PM Harper doesn't want to send boots on the ground then fine: He should at least ban Muslim immigration until he figures something out. I fully supported Harper and the Conservatives since day one but I tell you that Harper and the Cons got a whole lot of egg on their face after 2 of our soldiers were killed by ISIS right on our own soil.

If I were leader of this once great nation I would openly declare war on ISIS and radical Islam. I know for a fact that our wonderful Canadian soldiers are chopping at the bit to go over there and kill some ISIS and radical Muslims to avenge the death of their brethren that were murdered by Muslim ideology perpetuated by ISIS.

Anonymous said...

We never hear PM Harper speak this speech by our Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is WORTH your time