Tuesday, February 10, 2015

HM PM Tony Abbott

It is no secret that I am a huge fan of Her Majesty's Australian PM Tony Abbott. I despise the leftist republican Malcolm Turnbull. He is a labour wolf dressed in LNP clothing. I am relieved that the spill attempt has been defeated. Our Aussie cousins seem to use the spill all the time. In their variation of Westminster democracy the caucus is in charge of choosing the leader. It is not a bad system but changing the leader like you change your underwear is a labour thing. It is time for The LNP to continue cutting the Australian deficit and tending to the Oz economy.

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Anonymous said...

I am not the hugest fan of Tony Abbott although it does seem in Australian politics whenever one's numbers tank the face a rebellion even though I've seen many cases where politician's numbers tank and recover. As for Malcolm Turnbull being Labor Party wolf dressed in LNP, what are his beliefs. One thing I think the Tories have made a big mistake in Canada is trying to push out the Red Tories like Joe Clark who I believe are an important part of the Conservative coalition. Simply speaking there aren't enough right wingers to win on their own so you need to include some centrist. If he is a David Orchard type, then it would make sense to keep him from power, but if Joe Clark/Bill Davis/John Tory type, I don't see the problem. Mind you Australia is generally more conservative than Canada so perhaps there isn't the same need to move towards the centre to win as here especially when you consider Labor Party is generally to the left of the Liberals; although in Australia you need 50% amongst people's first and second choices whereas in Canada you only need 40% of first choices.