Monday, February 09, 2015

Eve Adams, LPC candidate

 I must admit being very disappointed with Eve Adams. I actually defended her on Twitter against Carolyn Parrish. She claimed Adams was a back stabber. Today I apologized to Carolyn Parrish on Twitter. I think the Tories are well rid Of Ms Adams, though I do wonder what Justin will make of her former pro life views. She will apparently run against Lusa Raitt. I look forward to HM Minister of Labour wiping the floor with her. I wonder what Dmitri Soudas will do. I am hearing rumours that the relationship is on the rocks. This is a Belinda Stronach / Peter Mackay event. Peter is way better off without the betrayer.
update: Dmitri is working to help Eve:
Chantal Hebert has a good take.


Anonymous said...

Of course this doesn't add up if all the Liberals were getting was Adams. She's not worth it. Think this through!

Anonymous said...

I've heard she will either run in Milton against Lisa Raitt or Eglinton-Lawrence against Joe Oliver. Winning Milton will be an uphill battle for the Liberals no matter who they choose, but I cannot see choosing a carpetbagger as helping. In the case of Eglinton-Lawrence she may very well win that as generally the 416 is not exactly Tory friendly territory, but if she does win, it will be because of what party banner she ran under not anything to do with her. If anything her running against Joe Oliver might be what saves his seat.

C-Nuck said...

You are wrong on all counts.

She is pro-choice (just look at her rating on the pro life website)

She will run against Joe Oliver

She is bringing Soudas with her.

A very, very bad week for PMSH

No wonder Baird packed it in. He is lying in wait for October 20th.

Brenton Siddons said...

Justin Trudeau paused, looked over the heads of reporters, and started to respond three times before finally spitting out the surprise announcement that Liberal MPs elected in 2015 would be expected to vote against putting limits on abortion.

The May edict, delivered as it was in response to a reporter's question, left some wondering whether he was making up policy on the fly. It didn't help that Trudeau and the party twice later clarified what he meant.

Liberal officials say Trudeau was simply voicing the firm ideal they've held since a 2012 policy convention, at which 90 per cent of those present affirmed the party's pro-choice stance.

Anonymous said...

The Liberals will be well prepared with the information Soudas is bringing with him. What a scoop!

joseph fisher said...

A common bit of logic regarding any information Eve's partner may have.
First, he wasn't the guy giving orders, he was the guy taking orders.
Second, his skill set is to appear on panels and drop tidbits of spin to the media, a skill that the LPC has more than enough of.
Third, not that long ago having any affiliation to the CPC let alone as a sitting member of the conservative caucus, was justification from the liberal peanut gallery to blame all societies ills at their feet....some of that secret agenda VRWC stuff.
If the liberals want to scoop something of more substance they would be more productive with a baggie at the local leash free park.

joseph fisher said...
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