Monday, February 02, 2015

Derek Fildebrandt

My friend Derek Fildebrandt. Is running for the Wildrose nomination in Strathmore-Brooks. He is a true fiscal conservative. He is what Alberta needs to oppose the too long entrenched pcs. I urge my Alberta friends to support Derek in any way you can. ABOUT DEREK Derek Fildebrandt is a candidate for the Wildrose nomination in Strathmore-Brooks and is the former Alberta Director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation. Derek is a country boy from a middle-class family who’s lived in small towns and cities across Canada. He is a proud Albertan who married his wife Emma last September. He has two German Shepherds, is a lifelong fisherman, a sport shooter and a guitarist. Alberta has been great to Derek and his family and he wants his children to grow up with the same opportunities that he had, which is why he fought as the Alberta Director of the CTF for the PC government to stop taking on tens of billions of dollars in debt. In the summer of 2014, Derek travelled to dozens of small towns and cities across Alberta with the “Debt Clock” campaigning for balanced budgets. Derek has strong record of standing up for common-sense conservative policies. At the CTF Derek fought to scrap the long-gun registry and gold-plated MP pension plans, and to require First Nation chiefs to publicly disclose their salaries online. With zero tolerance for wasteful spending, Derek filed dozens of Freedom of Information requests, digging up corruption and waste from Alison Redford and the PC Caucus.

Update: Derek is now the the official Wildros candidate for Strathmore Brooks!!!

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