Friday, May 16, 2014

Dynastic politics in Canada?

 The Nehru-Gandhi family Congress party  have always reminded me of the liberals of Canada. They are left wing and supremely statist. Indeed Nehru put in 5 year plans because of his admiration for soviet communism.  The family is very wealthy and are literally Brahmins.  Mrs Indira Gandhi was a despot, she declared martial law and jailed her opponents. The latest heir to the dynasty rahul Gandhi and the Congress I (Indira) have been reduced to a rump in the lok sabha. rahul was supposed to be prime ministerr of India. The people saw him for what he was: the spoiled son of a very rich family. Sound familiar? justin pretends to be middle class. We all know he has been a trust fund baby all his life. The people of India have overwhelming decide this dynastic political needs to end. In Canada the petit dauphin thinks he should be prime minister because his father was prime minister.  Like mrs indira gandhi he has remade the liberal party into the justin party. I think the people of Canada, like the people of India, will realize that this vapid, big haired boy, who puts his foot in his mouth daily,  is not fit to be prime minister. This political dynasty in Canada will be nipped in the bud. In Canada our dynastic ruler HM Queen Elizabeth II,  is head of state, there is no room for the trudeau dynasty in politics.

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