Monday, December 02, 2013


This new Rogers deal may be the death rattle for the cbc. I am not going to shed any tears for the state broadcaster. The deal removes some of cbc advertising revenue and they still have to pay 100 million a year to broadcast the games. HM Canadian government has already said there are no plans to bal out the CBC. Indeed I hope HM Canadian Government cuts even more! Let the cbc cut its operations to the bone. Get rid of cbc television or better yet survive on a pbs model!! English cbc appeals to a tiny audience. Why should I have to pay for something Irarely if ever watch? For many reasons, Radio-Canada TV maintains a robust presence in the lives of its target audience, while the English service’s audience share has crumbled from 34 per cent in 1967 to 5 per cent today. Faced with exploding competition and a dwindling subsidy, the English CBC clung to hockey as to a life raft, putting up with higher costs, the schedule distortions inflicted by the playoffs, and the erosion of its hockey monopoly. Even before the deal announced on Monday, NHL games could be seen via Sportsnet, TSN and U.S. broadcasters, and the proliferation of outlets will accelerate under Rogers’ control. “The Hockey Night in Canada brand will be tremendously weakened over the next four years,” says Barry Kiefl, a former CBC research director and an independent media analyst. He sees no chance that HNIC will continue after that.


Anonymous said...

CBC is terrible biased .. . Power and politics is so Liberal and balance whatsoever ...Peter Mansbridge, Chanelle Hubert and Andrew Coyne are all so pro-Liberal no matter who they are..Greg Weston and terry Milesky, Susan Smith, Evan Solomon...the whole CBC staff is Liberal. Canadians are sick to death of them all and tired of them being forced down their throats.It's time for Elections Canada to step in and have CBC as an extension of the Liberal Party of attack ads daily for the Liberals. This is a Canadian scandal that needs to be investigated and STOPPED.

Anonymous said...

While not against privatizing CBC I should note Margaret Thatcher who privatized probably more than any leader in the Western world ever has didn't privatize BBC. I do think though CBC should consider two options.

1. Focus strictly on local programming in areas which are not serviced by CTV or Global.

2. Became more international in its focus like BBC which does a better job than any MSM in covering events in every corner of the globe including regions most ignore including the CBC.

As for liberal bias, please. Andrew Coyne on most issues is quite conservative he's just not a blind partisan. Chantal Hebert unlike most Toronto Star columnists attacks the Tories, but she attacks the Liberals and NDP too otherwise she calls a spade for a spade. She's the only Toronto Star columnists I actually enjoy reading.

Anonymous said...

The idea of the CBC is not offensive, but the over all attitude and content isn't worth one taxpayer dime. The CBC has, over the years, transformed into a hideous beast, an anti English Canadian propaganda machine espousing the ideology of cultural marxism, or Trudopian fantasy. Of course the exclusively "francophone" CBC is popular because it caters to an audience, largely french talking Quebecers. The french English CBC appeals to almost no one and why should it. The so called "English" CBC operates in a vacum of irrelevance , espousing a "culture" that doesn't exist. The CBC is a diseased anti Canadian monster that relies on extortion of the taxpayer for it's continued exsistence. If anything the CBC is the enemy of Canada and should be either transformed or scrapped entirely.