Sunday, November 17, 2013


I was born in Kerala, India, but I have now lived in Canada for 50 years. I still have many familial and even economic ties to the land of my birth. I somewhat despair of Indian politics. There will be federal elections next year. It will be a clash between the dauphin Rahul Gandhi of Congress against the Chief Minister of Gujarat Modi of the BJP. Normally I would support the centre right BJP party, but I have grave reservations about both parties. Congress under current Prime Minister Singh has not been that bad. The PM has expanded markets and liberalized trade. However Rahul seems like a tax and spend, big government liberal. I have heard fairly unsavoury rumours about this pampered son of a wealthy , powerful family. On the other side I despise the ethnic and religious nationalism of the BJP. Modi is also accused of not protecting Muslims who were murdered by rioting Hindus in Gujarat. Indian voting patterns are on lines of Caste , religion and ethnicity to the extreme. I urge the BJP to focus on their centre right politics and embrace all Indians!!! The other new issue is a third party , a coalition of smaller regional parties that may actually win. Indian growth has sputtered of late and bold moves to further liberalize the economy and trade need to be taken. It is my profound hope that India and Canada will soon sign a free trade agreement. Im not sure what I want for the Indian elections. I hope that people who are interested in more and freer trade, lower taxes and an India that respects all its citizen regardless of ethnicity, creed or any other difference. I also hope that violence is minimized.

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I thought you liked big spending politicians. Harper has run the biggest deficits in Canadain history.