Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Commonwealth

I am concerned by the Commonwealth bashing of late by HM Canadian Government. I do agree that Sri Lanka's government has acted abominably. The Sti Lankan government is guilty of terrible persecution of the Tamil minority. I must make a mea culpa. My native tongue is Malayalam, a language closely related to Tamil. I am very sympathetic to my Tamil cousins. Though I totally opposed the tigers and their barbarous acts of terrorim. I also don't think it was wise for the Commonwealth to hold CHOGM in Sri Lanka. I do want to preserve and strengthen the Commonwealth and strengthen its institutions. Moral persuasion and sanctions should be used against wayward members. I oppose cutting grants to the organization.I want Canad to work within the organization. I have discussed this issue with at least two of HM Canadian Ministers in the last few weeks. Both are strong proponents of the Commonwealth. This has been a definite mistake by the Commonwealth secretariat. Even Prime Minister Singh of India is considering not attending. I don't want this this mistake to destroy an organization that does a lot of good. HM Canadian Government should tread very lightly on these matters. I also suggest in future that the Commonwealth secratariat not propose to have meetings in countries accused of war crimes. I am still a strong supporter of the Commonwealth and I hope that HM Canadian Government is as well. WE must all take the long term view of these matters.

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