Saturday, September 07, 2013

A Good Day for Australia...

And the Anglosphere!!! For the first time in a long time the UK and all the senior realms have conservative, mostly loyal governments. Australia's 6 year green nightmare is now over. It is the time to increase trade between the Commonwealth Realms and hopefully make the Commonwealth a huge free trade zone. The Australian Liberals and the Canadian Tories have close and friendly ties. My enthusiastic congratulations to HM Australian PM Tony Abbott and his team!!!


Pissedoff said...

And Canada's green nightmare could be just about to start, thanks to our lefty PM

PM reportedly talks greenhouse gas reduction with Obama

bertie said...

Obama lies all the friggin time and everyone loves him.So let PM Harper fib a little in an attempt to get the pipeline built.Obama will be out in 3 years and nothing will have changed as far as the reduction.A little like Chretiens KYOTO Liberal lie.

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