Thursday, August 08, 2013

Sun Tv News

I am disappointed by the CRTC decision ( and yes I want to get rid of the crtc), but it does seem that they are paying attention to the fact that others like CNN are getting mandatory carry and higher fees. We should be able to puck what channels we want and don't want. My friend Kory Teneycke says that Sun will continue the fight. That makes me happy. I can't believe I kind of agree with catsmeat.


Pissedoff said...

And Harper will sit with fingers up bum and brain in nuetral.

Anonymous said...

SunTV is advocacy journalism, it was created by Kory for sole purpose of promoting conservatism (he acknowledged this in a speech to the Manning Center before network launched). What we have to do is define "news", because to lump SunTV in with other outlets is problematic, and therefore any arguments which begin with this assumption is inherently flawed. SunTV has an agenda, nobody disputes this approach, and this unique, meaning it is stand alone, needed to be treated as such. Fine, have all the diversity and "voices" you want, just don't try to tell me it is news, because at it's core nothing more than a propaganda arm for a particular political persuasion.

Anonymous said...

With this decision, SNN *is* on an even playing field. None of the other news networks have mandatory carriage. SNN was trying to get an advantage that the others don't have. CBC Newsworld and CTV Newsnet are not even carried on every cable package. That's the biggest misinformation spin from Sun News of all.

The others have only two advantages that SNN doesn't: they were there first and people actually watch them.

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