Monday, July 22, 2013

God Bless Our New Prince!!!

I want to wish the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and the entire Royal Family my heartfelt congratulations.
 I am very pleased it is a boy. The issue of succession is now moot for a century to come. It is wonderful news!!!


Anonymous said...

Maybe they'll name the baby "Lee Rigby" in honour of Great Britain's wonderful multiculturalism program. It would certainly show an act of tolerance and forgiveness the British style. Then again everyone has already forgotten about a solider who was murdered by a mad muslim. In other news: The U.K. has just granted new citizenship to hundreds of thousands of muslim refugees.

Pissedoff said...

So will Canada thanks to the latest pronouncement from the SCC (Stupid Court of Canada)

Anonymous said...

Our future King!

Long may He reign over us, his lowly and undeserving servants of commoner's blood.

Have mercy on us, of Prince of British 'Royalty'!

Anonymous said...

Born to rule!