Thursday, June 06, 2013

Brent Rathgeber Independent MP

Brent Rathgeber stood up for his convictions and gave a rebuke to the Conservative party. The party would be wise to listen. Changing the sunshine list to over $444000 is ridiculous. It would really cover almost no one. The number should be reduced to $120000. It is the people's money/ let them see how it is spent. Mp's and senators expenses should also be published. The Tories seem to be in a funk. It is time for brave new policy initiates to move forward. May I suggest a flat tax! The free trade deals need to move ahead and we need to bring down interprovincial trade barriers. Senator Lebretton's proposals on the senate seem very reasonable. The Tories need to move forward and be as transparent as possible~


Nalliah said...

Remember! In 2006 Conservative Party asked David Emerson to leave the Liberals and join their cabinet. Anybody who asks for transparency gets shot down.Wonder just how much they are really hiding.
-Nalliah Thayabharan

Alain said...

I totally agree and find it amazing the number of those on the Right who are attacking him for this. It seems that the CPC is determined to lose the next election, since this is just the latest example of thumbing their nose at voters. The bill to curtail the CHRC is still stalled in the Senate and I have yet to hear the PM or his party take a clear and vocal stand for free speech; they killed the long gun registry but allow the CFOs and the RCMP to harass, bully and treat as criminals law-abiding gun owners; they refuse to address the elephant in the room - a totally broken immigration system - whose numbers equate to population replacement; and I could name many more areas.