Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Big Dipper loss

I was out at an event honoring Dr Joshi, the CEO of my hospital. Sugar Sammy was the headliner. I was dreading the BC election results. Adrian Dix would have been terrible for BC and Canada.  As we all know , the BC liberals are a coalition that  is there to fight the left. I am not a Christy Clark fan  and the BC Conservatives self destructed. So the coalition to defeat the socialists held. I hope Premier Clark will be true to her speech at the Manning center a few years ago. She sounded quite conservative and reasonable that day.   I guess I should always listen to my friend Ken Boessenkool who told me that she could pull this off.
 So though I am not a big Christie Clark fan, I am very happy that the dippers have been defeated!!! I am also reminded that pollsters in this country have not been very accurate if late. I am reminded of the statement of HM Prime Minister Diefenbacher who said>
... dogs know best what to do with polls.</>

 Premier Clark seems to have lost her own seat. I hope she rethinks some of her positions, but today I offer my>congratulations.

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