Saturday, April 13, 2013

Very Sad

Rex has it right yet again. The ever compassionate, polite left. Poor Britain. Once it was a very paragon of nations, associated with high-toned manners, a courtly sense of reticence and an aversion to emotional public displays whether of love or hate, affection or disdain. Britain, for centuries, was a country of self-conscious civilized behaviour – it gave the world the word and concept of “gentleman.” However, in this week of the passing of one of its greatest citizens, Margaret Thatcher, it is showing how far it has wandered from the old ideas, and how much it has become trashy, ugly, empty of decorum, and how many of its citizens have no idea of even the rudiments of proper public behaviour. At least since Shakespeare’s time to the death of Churchill, there has been alive in Britain a sense of its own value, and a code among its citizens to give honourable due to the various ceremonies and events, formal or informal, that expressed national pride. The death of Mrs. Thatcher has inspired wonderful tribute. Inside the House of Commons at Westminster, and outside scores of Britons have paid just, even elaborate compliments to her person, her family, her life and the unquestionable stature of her achievements.


Alain said...

Sow the seeds of socialism and this is what you reap.

Anonymous said...

What sanctimonius nonsense. I suggest to take a look at Glenda Jackson's Westminister'tribute' to the late Baroness. May give you a better idea of why many Britons feel the way they do.

Dave In Guelph said...

Hey Anon,

You're just as clueless & horrible as that ugly, jealous, no class bag of bones. Take your hatred & putrid, rank socialism that Glenda J the bad witch espouses elsewhere. She is the true enemy of Great Britain as are persons like you. Now piss off like a good little socialist troll!

Anonymous said...

Hey Dave..

Typical partisan response. When logic and reason fail, turn to baseless ad hominems.

The democratically elected MP Glenda Jackson succinctly points out the hyprocrisy of all this hair pulling over the death of Baroness Thatcher. True enemy of Great Britain?! Seriously? Get a grip. Hundreds of thousands of Britons lives were deeply negatively impacted by the bloody mindness of Thatcherism. Those are the facts, and the reason why we are seeing many Britons react the way they are. Now get off your high horse.

Rick Thomson said...

Hmmm...Truth be told, I cracked a bottle of Moet when Trudeau popped his clogs (good riddance to him), so I suppose just out of fair play I'll have to let the lefties have their moment now.