Sunday, April 14, 2013


I saw the inaugural performance of Canadian Stage production of the David Mamet play Race. It starred Jason Priestley, who I got to meet after a now interview. You can see clips here. Priestley is a nice affable young man, but pretty lefty. I called him on his comments about Obama and the GOP. I told him Martin Luther King was a member of the GOP. He replied his was not the same GOP. I like David Mamet ( as does Priestley, go figure), who has discovered he is conservative. The play was very well done. It discussed the race issue with all the political correctness. The acting was very good and it was an enjoyable rapid fire 90 minutes. Go see the play!

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Brian Busby said...

You're right, of course, if it is Martin Luther King, Sr to whom you referred, but his more famous son did not belong to either party. That said, King, fils did acknowledge that he had many times voted for the Democratic ticket.

And Mr Priestly is, of course, also correct in stating that the Republican Party is not as it was half a century ago. What party is?