Saturday, March 02, 2013

Parizeau's ranting again

Jacques Parizeau's is at it again. Apparently minorities would not have the same protections in an independent Quebec. This will guarantee that many more anglophone and allophone Quebeckers would leave. It is accelerated ethnic cleansing proposed by the same racist who blamed money and the ethnics for defeating his nefarious plans.

MONTREAL — Federal constitutional guarantees on the use of English in Quebec “will disappear” with an independent Quebec, Jacques Parizeau said Saturday, urging the sovereignist Option nationale party to both consider and decide what would replace them.

“Once we are rid of constitutional constraints,” he asked — without answering — “where will we go with regard to the anglophones, for example? What rights will we recognize?

“I’m not here to make comments on your (party) program,” he said. However, “get rid of the Supreme Court (of Canada) and there will be no guarantee in the constitution for English schooling,” he said. “All that will disappear. Will we go back to the original Bill 101?”


Patsplace said...

Another French nutter!!!

Anonymous said...

I like it when he opens his mouth. Other than the hardcore separatist who are a minority, he drives everyone else away from the PQ. Remember April 25, 2011? That was when the NDP was beginning to gain ground in Quebec, so the BQ trotted out old Mr. Parizeau and rather than stopping the slide, he helped lead the BQ into a tailspin. Most Quebecers including most Francophones think the guy is an idiot. In fact in 1995, it was Bouchard (who I don't agree with but is more reasonable) that headed the referendum while the party tried to get Parizeau to shut up knowing everytime he opens his mouth he hurts the cause.