Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Mad mulcair opposes Keystone XL

I guess mulcair understands he has totally alienated the Western provinces with his proposal to gut the clarity bill and his bloq MPs from Quebec. mulcair and the dippers are bad for the economy and bad for Canada!
The Mulcair-led NDP opposes the 1800-kilometre pipeline that will bring 830,000 barrels of Canadian bitumen a day to Texas refineries.


Jen said...

They are a dangerous party for our economy yet day after day in the HOC the NDP mps bitch and bitch and whine and perform that there are no jobs no jobs no jobs.
NDP Megan Leslie went to the STATES to make sure that the Americans do not do business with Canada through the XLP which will create job for both countries.
-NDP Nathan Cullen said that he wants to shut down the oilsands pipelines-again, lost of jobs.
-Elizabeth May went to the states to confront with congressmen not to proceed with the Keystone XLP that will create jobe.
-NDP Mulclair has called the economy oilsands that brings in revenues- A DUTCH DISEASE.

Can you imagine these mps doing their very best to stop our economy from growing. HOW DARE ANY OF THEM TO TRY STOP OUR REVENUES THROUGH THE OILSANDS BE STOP. HOW DARE GO TO USA TO HAVE OUR OILSANDS STOP.

The OILSANDS IS THE MOST HEAVILY REGULATED INDUSTRY IN THE WORLD and still none of them give a dam to even utter it.

The CPC has brought in bills to help the public and their needs but the NDP after all their lengthly cries for the public vote against those bills.

Pissedoff said...

Crusty Clark, and Dix if elected are not doing too bad of a job at shutting pipelines down either.