Sunday, March 10, 2013

I believe Mayor Ford

I am not Mayor Ford's biggest fan. He has made a lot of mistakes and I hope he has learned some lessons. In this case I believe Mayor Ford and not the the attention seeker who has made completely unsubstantiated charges. Agree at piece by my friend Adrienne Batra(who worked for the mayor)

But what I do know based on my time working for Ford, is that, whatever his other faults, he is not a womanizing philanderer, as he’s now being portrayed.~/a>

To me, Thomson’s claim the mayor “grabbed” her “ass” and sexually propositioned her, doesn’t quite add up.

It seemed almost every time Thomson spoke to a different media outlet or group of reporters on Friday, details of her story changed.


Jen said...

If Ford was a liberal no news of him will be heard, so, they go after him like a ton of bricks whereas, Joe Fontana a liberal, took public's money for his personal use and charged for it, still, he remains untouched unfocus on by the media and colleagues.
This is nothing to do what Ford did or said or whatever the case may be. This is strictly the fact that he is a PC of Ontario pure and simple, and that no PC are allowed to govern at any point within government.

For this very reason, I hope that Hudak does not get elected. why? the media will rip him apart and, most probably put all of Dalton's mess and blame it on Hudak.

Bottom line to all of this mess re to Ford, is that he is not a LIBERAL or NDP.

Pissedoff said...

If past experience is anything to go by Ford's popularity will increase because of this lefty stupidity.

Anonymous said...

I've only ever voted for a mayor once in my life - Ford. I think him hanging tough despite nonstop leftist stupidity will gain him legions of fans.

Agent Smith

NeilD said...

Death by a thousand cuts.

Stab him once in the heart and everyone knows you killed him but if multiple people stab him a little at a time then no one person can be blamed plus his enemies get to decry his staggering from his wounds.

The damage to Ford has already been done by the very public photo of him with his eyes closed and a water stain on his shirt.
The cry of 'ass grabbing' is just icing on the cake for his enemies.

The Toronto Star has already determined him to be the reason that Toronto has become a laughing stock around the world.

I'd like to see some of the other hundreds of photos of Ford with other party goers taken that night amassed onto a single site for us to compare.

Anonymous said...

Please examine picture posted
there is a mans arm and hand on Rob Ford's Right shoulder .Who is the man hugging Rob Ford in this picture?