Saturday, February 02, 2013


So this traitorous vermin is sorry he betrayed his oath to Queen and country. I would prefer he be executed. Since that is not the law, he should rot in jail until his death. How many lives were lost because of his betrayal?
Crown attorney Lyne Decarie wants Delisle to go to jail for 20 years and pay a $111,817 fine.

Mike Taylor, Delisle's defence lawyer, said a "nine- or 10-year sentence" is more appropriate.

Decarie urged Curran to make an example of Delisle to deter others.
She also said she wants Delisle to pay the fine because that's the amount the Russians paid him for top-secret information and the Mounties haven't been able to recover it.


Rick Thomson said...

When I served the death penalty was still in effect for such things as treason, or cowardice before the enemy. IMO this should still be the case.

Anonymous said...

Hang him after the trial.


Thucydides said...

In addition to the fine, he should be forced to pay back his wages and benefits for the period he betrayed his country, as well as forfit or pay the Crown whatever monies the Russians paid him (if that wasn't already done).

Rotting in jail for a prolonged period of time can become expensive for the taxpayers, so 20 years is about the right length of time (especially if he gets to serve the first "Two years less a day" in the Special Detention Barracks at CFB Edmonton). He will apprieciate the next 18 years after that...