Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Pass Bill C-304!!!

I am very disappointed in the whatcott decision. We need to get rid ofsection 13. The courts have failed to protect freedom of speech. Brian Storseth's bill must become law. Brad Wall should do the same in Saskatchewan!


Fenris Badwulf said...

This says something about the training and comprehension of our legal class.

Anonymous said...

The supreme court decision was not unreasonable based on the law as it stands. Lets remember unlike the US, the charter is not absolute but is subject to reasonable limits as per section 1. Generally speaking Canadians tend to have a much stronger collectivist as opposed to individualist mindset unlike Americans so as much as I would like the see the HRCs reigned in, it may be tough. At the very least keep the hate laws on the book, but only for those advocating violence, intimidation or harassment of another group, not merely expressing disapproval.

Anonymous said...

"The supreme court decision was not unreasonable based on the law as it stands."

Oh my yes, (harrumph bluster). Don't you know judges, especially SCOC judges are omniscient, all wise super beings incapable of acting with bias, self interest or plain old prejudice (anti-Christian). How dare the dim savages of the populace question their betters?

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