Thursday, February 28, 2013

mulcair's separatist problem

HM PM Harper is perfectly right. The ndp is riddled with separatists. Many have close ties to the marxist Quebec solidaire. I wonder what dippers from the rest of Canada will make of the dipper separatist caucus. I wonder if others will follow patry. “This is an issue that has concerned us for some time, and does concern us: the ambiguity on Canadian unity that we have among some members of the NDP caucus in Quebec,” he said. Harper said the NDP has “many, many links” to the sovereigntist Quebec solidaire — a “very strong” provincial party which currently holds two seats in the province’s national assembly. “This phenomenon with ’Bloc orange,’ I think, should give everyone considerable pause, and I think what has happened today is really another example of this particular problem.”

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Anonymous said...

I myself have always been suspicious of this, although my question is if you are a left wing federalist, what party can you vote for provincially asides from the Greens. The PQ, QS, and Option Nationale are all left wing and separtist while the Quebec Liberal Party and CAQ are more centrist or even centre-right. Sure they are left of the Conservative, but they aren't socialist parties. Mind you if you are right wing separatist you face the same dilemma. Still I figured a lot of them were separatist and no doubt that could hurt them in the rest of Canada. It might also help the Liberals return to opposition in 2015 meaning when Canadians decide it is time for change we will only suffer under a Liberal government which is far more preferable to an NDP one.