Thursday, February 21, 2013

Language keystone cops

The language police are at it again. These clowns make Quebec a laughingstock all over the world. I have many French Canadian friends and none of them have the petty minds of the language police and their pq masters. They are generous of spirit. Bill 101 makes it illegal for Francophones to send their children to English schools. The pq once again wants to ethnically cleanse its Anglophone citizens so with Parizeau's famous ethnics and money gone, they can try and win a third referendum. It's time to remember that freedom of the individual is more important than these so called group rights. The office and the pq seem to be backing down a bit, but it is because of the backlash. This is why the new Canadian Human rights group CRITIQ is important. They will be having a conference Feb 28, 2013 in Montreal.

MONTREAL - Mamma Mia! The word “pasta” is a little too Italian for Quebec’s language cops.

They’d prefer something more in the language of Moliere than Michaelangelo when it comes to menus, even in Italian restaurants.

“Pasta” wasn’t the only word that left a sour taste when they recently chewed over the menu at Buonanotte, a trendy Italian restaurant in Montreal. There were several other words that didn’t have enough of a French flavour for the Office Quebecois de la language francaise.

For example, the agency says “bottiglia,” which is Italian for bottle, should be “bouteille” on the wine list. Using “calamari” instead of the French word for squid is also a little fishy.

The restaurant’s owner couldn’t believe it when he got a letter from the agency pointing out the transgressions.


Anonymous said...

too bad we couldn't cleanse the stupid from our presence.

Anonymous said...

These mean spirited bigots are indeed fortunate that the same rules are not applied against their language.

Patsplace said...

...always remember that it is the left that kills their own people "for the good of the State" don't ya' know.

Nasty beasts and beasts that get even nastier when left unchecked.