Friday, February 22, 2013


Jonathan Kay has it exactly right. This blockade is not accomplishing anything and making it more likely that spence and her reserve will remain mired in poverty.

Canadian politicians and First Nations leaders all agree that economic development will be critical for raising the living standards of Canada’s native population. In many cases, this will mean bringing large, multinational corporations onto traditional native lands — because only these companies have the resources and expertise necessary to develop mines and other capital-extensive resource-extraction operations.

Unfortunately, as the example of Attawapiskat shows, the situation in and around many reserves actively repels that kind of investment.

Large, risk-averse companies won’t invest in areas of the country where the local population doesn’t respect Canadian laws — or even obey local band chiefs. Militant native protesters in these areas may think they’re striking a blow for economic empowerment. But all they’re really doing is reinforcing the stereotype that native tribes aren’t responsible business partners.


Dollops said...

It is very difficult to read pieces like this without wanting to scream at the author, "What are you thinking?" The problem is NOT blockades, corrupt chiefs, substandard living conditions or poor work ethic; the problem IS Indian status. Where are the demands to end the blatant bigotry of Canada's goverments and courts? All who pussy-foot around this national embarrassment are part of the problem. So, Dr. Roy, exactly where do you stand?

Roy Eappen said...

I want to get rid of the Indian act!

Dollops said...

I'm sorry; I shouldn't have doubted. It is, though, easy to allow the devil's details to obscure the angels' purpose.