Saturday, January 05, 2013

The fallen goreacle

Rex on the fallen goreacle and his utter hypocrisy At the pinnacle of Al Gore’s fame and influence, he was a much jet-travelling man, going from continent to continent, earning huge fees, to give his explosive and exaggerated Powerpoint presentation about the threat of apocalyptic global warming. There was profit in his prophecy. The man who lost to George W. Bush had picked himself up and turned his crusade into a business. He was here. He was there — lobbying for green initiatives, pushing wind and solar, boosting the notion of carbon credits. He was, as we say today, a huge global brand. He was also a hero to all who think right. He achieved that rarest of two-fers: The Norwegians gave him a Nobel Prize, the Hollywood sybarites gave him an Oscar. He was a man of peace, and rubbed shoulders with James Cameron. How rich can life get? He had his own energy company, was appointed to all the right boards and there was not a global conference worth getting on a personal jet for, that did not feature Al’s furrowed brow and finger-pointing apocalyptics. Along the way, in the service of broadening his already impressive propaganda effort, he acquired — from CBC no less — a digital channel, renamed it Current TV, and hired as lead star the belligerent and bellowing Keith Olberman, the latter fresh from being fired from MSNBC. For Canadians not familiar with Olberman, let us just say he is a partisan broadcaster, shallow and perpetually frenzied, compared to whom Bill O’Reilly is a Zen mystic.

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Anonymous said...

It's no wonder Al Gore rose so high in the political arena. He has all the requisite tools: a disdain for truth, an unparalleled capacity for self-aggrandizement, and an unhealthy dose of narcissism.
The fact that the British courts ruled that his propagnda vehicle, An Inconvienient Truth, was ruled to be so full of holes that it could not be shown in British schools without a disclaimer stating that AGW was only a theory is all one has to know about this charlatan.
Powell Lucas