Saturday, January 05, 2013

Self Defence

It is a fundamental right that one can defend yourself and your loved ones. The liberal elites have armed body guards and oppose self defines. We need to strengthen such laws. The police cannot be everywhere. This man should never have been charged. He is left with large debts after having to defend himself in court. This is unjust!!! The actions by the police and prosecutors enable the criminal element. When Ian Thomson moved into his home in rural Port Colborne, Ontario, he quickly learned that he had the proverbial "neighbour from hell," a man with a long criminal record and considerable jail time in his past. Thomson had to call the police on numerous occasions when articles of his property went missing and death threats were made against him. To ensure his safety, he installed several surveillance cameras around his house....


Blame Crash said...

I agree 100% that we need additional laws stating people’s right to defend themselves and their property and others people as well.
But at the same time, no one needs the stinking government and the full frontal hypocrites who propagate the ideology of surrender and submission in order to act upon your God given right to protect oneself.

johndoe124 said...

Personally I think defending oneself is the ultimate right. It goes beyond government jurisdiction. The government simply has no authority telling anyone if or how they can defend themselves. Unfortunately we've had so much Progressive brainwashing over the years too many people now think all of our rights come from government.

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