Saturday, January 05, 2013

Premier Tim Hudak

Tim has proposed lots of new legislation that will hopefully reverse dalton's disastrous and corrupt policies. Ontario needs a new government. mcliar will go down in history as one of Ontario's worst leaders. The last days of Dalton McGuinty’s ultra-progressive 10-year reign as premier of Ontario are not going to be pretty. Nor all that progressive, judging by his Liberal government’s decision Thursday to impose a contract on the province’s public schoolteachers. After a decade of pandering to unions, and to every other favour-seeking interest group from green-energy corporate giants to frozen pizza makers, the McGuinty era is unwinding in a whirlwind of blundering policy reversals and fiscal turmoil. Ontario’s annual deficit is $15-billion and provincial debt is up over $260-billion. Growth is slow, jobs are few, and prospects are bleak. As Mr. McGuinty exits stage left in disorderly chaos, entering on the right is Tim Hudak, the Conservative leader who has been calmly and systematically unveiling radical reform of Ontario government policy, along with a dismantling of much of the McGuinty legacy.

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Builder said...

Mr Hudak has demonstrated a unique ability to skillfully snatch defeat from the jaws of certain victory. I am sure he will do so once again.