Friday, January 04, 2013

Chief Spence and idle no more

Peter Foster has an excellent analysis in the FP
Nobody would deny the desperate conditions on many native reserves. Most Canadians are genuinely concerned and frustrated at how little improvement has been brought by the billions spent. However, to imagine that problems of poverty, ill health and poor education are best addressed — let alone solved — by histrionic threats, social-mediated mob scenes or blocked roads or rail lines is dangerous delusion.

You can also watch my friend Joseph Quesnel with Ezra

Chief Spence has handed down yet another ultimatum. I hope this doesn't end in tragedy. Though I must say I am sceptical.


Anonymous said...

let's look at how many of the billions of dollars spent by indian affairs are spent on useless bureaucrats in ottawa and the provinces. give every indian living on reserve property a tax free 25 thousand dollar pension. shut down indian affairs. let the people spend their money on food clothing and housing. a familky of four would have 100,000 $ to spend. if they can't live on that then too freakin bad. we would save at least five billion a year.

Pissedoff said...

Harper caves in