Friday, January 04, 2013

Canada's Unemployment 7.1%

We are at a 4 year low!!!
Last Updated Friday, Jan. 4, 2013 10:29AM EST
OTTAWA -- The Canadian economy created 40,000 jobs in December -- all of it in full-time work -- and drove the unemployment rate to its lowest in four years,
Statistics Canada said Friday.
Ontario accounted for about three-quarters of the jobs added across Canada in December and almost all of the other provinces either saw gains or stayed even.


Anonymous said...

Mr Harper has done wonderful things to protect us and ensure wealth. He has cut entitlements and allowed the freemarket to excel.

bertie said...

Now if only we could get our opposition and the economists to just STFU and enjoy this fact for at least a month or until the next monthly report.All reports on this great news that I have read so far always contain the word BUT if this happens or if this happens or if this happens.Always some FN negativity from these BOZOS.Just enjoy the good news without trying to bring a negative spin to it.