Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Harper Strategy

I was suprised to see this surprisingly calm analysis of HM PM's strategy. I was even more surprised to see it was written by a professor of political science. Stephen Harper’s not-so-hidden agenda For seven years, the prime minister’s critics have claimed he has a secret plan to reinvent Canada as a bastion of social conservatism. PETER LOEWEN is not convinced. He thinks Harper’s strategy is purely political: the permanent weakening of the Liberals, and the Tories’ entrenchment as Canada’s natural governing party....


Anonymous said...

The problem with this strategy is that the Official Opposition is then the N.D.P. who are much more leftist. Sooner or later they will get in power. Just like in Quebec since there is no real alternative to the Liberal and P.Q. parties (Mario Dumont, please come back!) Quebec inevitabley reverts to the P.Q. party as government every decade or so.

bertie said...

Only reason the NDP got in in Quebec was the Quebec people actually thought they could get control of Canada with a French leader and a coalition, and the only way the English could fall for this was elect NDP.So everyone knows they put dumb-ass NDP politicians in every riding and they voted NDP even for people away on holidays or had never been in politics in their lives.The result was NDP seats went down in the rest of Canada and Quebec got a bunch of idiots representing them in parliament.PM Harper got a majority and everything turned out well for Canada.You cannot fool Canada with more of your fools Quebec We had enough Trudeau,Chretien,Dion to last a lifetime and NEVER AGAIN.

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