Sunday, December 02, 2012

More nonsense from the petit dauphin

Apparently Justin thinks the gun registry is a failure. That's why he voted to continue it. It's the grit way. Wasting money and limiting freedom is the grit way. It is also the liberal way to talk out of both sides of >their mouths


Anonymous said...

Shame that SINGLE ISSUE VOTERS don't care aboot a silly gun registry, abortion, the existence or non existence of climate change, the ramblings of Quebecor or that funny backwards angry country called China.

You know the issue that will see Mr. Smiley Pants turf the Harperor from his fat ass throne.

How are you going to turn a profit on shiny new Vic Toews prisons once Cannabis becomes legal?

Tic, tic, tic

robins111 said...

The truly hysterical thing is reading the comments at the CBC site, in which the leftards are trying simultaneously to defend the registry and Trudeau at the same time. One point missed in the story, is that I'd have paid a $100.00 to see the look on Mark Hollands face when he read this.

Thucydides said...

Sadly, it almost does not matter what the Young Dauphin says or does, nor what opinions or values he actually holds (if any).

The vast majority of voters are "low information" people who will make their decision about a week before the election and on the basis of something superficial like how old the candidate is.

Even constant repetition of gaffes like this will degenerate into noise, and only affect political junkies (most of whom are already in one camp or another).

Really, what is needed is an outreach and education program to teach people basic concepts like financial literacy before they will even understand how the political class (at all levels of government) have bilked them, and even then it might take even more time before they will rise up and start taking issues seriously and holding politicians accountable.