Saturday, December 08, 2012

Mark Steyn on the Imperial bo

HM the Queen and the Royal Family cost the UK $57 million. HM is Queen of 16 realms. The other Realms pay nothing for the Crown in the UK. Our Royal Family is bargain and twice the price. bo on the other hand.

Unlike a republic, monarchy in a democratic age means you can't go around queening it. That RCAF boneshaker has a shower the size of a phone booth, yet the Duchess of Cambridge looked almost as glamorous as Snooki when she emerged onto the steps at LAX. That's probably because Canada's 437 Squadron decided to splash out on new bedding for the royal tour. Amanda Heron was dispatched to the local mall in Trenton, Ontario, and returned with a pale blue and white comforter and matching pillows. Is there no end to the grotesque indulgence of these over-pampered royal deadbeats? "I found a beautiful set," said Master-Corporal Heron. "It was such a great price I bought one for myself."

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