Thursday, December 13, 2012

Leaving Quebec

My family stayed in 1976, but many many memebrs of my community and family memebers left Quebec. My circle of friends in Toronto is made up of many Montrealers. The pq is busy ethnically cleansing the province yet again.

Jacques Villeneuve, the 1997 Formula One world champion, is on the verge of saying goodbye to his native province. His $6.5 million home in Montreal and his $4.9 million cottage in the Laurentian mountains are both for sale. His departure should not come as a surprise. Last June, the former F1 driver loudly criticized the student protests. He asked the “carres rouges” (red squares), as they were dubbed, who would fund their dreamed free tuition. He even taught them an economic lesson: “And where does the government get the money? From taxes, from selling stuff. The next thing they will say is, ‘Well, take it from the rich’ ... And that’s when you have the rich moving to another country.” Villeneuve is, unfortunately, not a politician. He might not come out publicly to explain his moving, but it doesn’t take a PhD in economics to understand why he’s leaving.

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Anonymous said...

Hopefully the PQ is tossed from office shortly. While the Liberals and the CAQ wouldn't totally solve this, I think a party who is willing to drop the separtist thing and make Quebec more market friendly could help slow the tide. Ironically there is absolutely no reason why Quebec shouldn't be a have province. Montreal is a large city which use to have many business headquarters, Quebec has a high number of bilingual people and is rich in resources.