Saturday, December 08, 2012

HM PM Harper eats kittens?

As someone who has met Stephen Harper on many occasions, Rex Murphy's latest column made me smile. Stephen and Laureen Harper are lovely people who love Canada!

There’s something about Stephen. His opponents have many names for him — the majority of which are, alas, neither flattering nor meant to be. He is a taciturn schemer, a theocrat mole, loose at the top of the Canadian political system, determined to bend Canada to his grim and twisted design, to curb the liberties of Canadians, to push us and our country back into some fevered neocon darkness. Politically, he is Dick Cheney’s illegitimate son. George W. Bush’s half-brother. He’s a lackey of the rich, and enemy of all that is good and Canadian. He’s in the pocket of big oil. He hates baby seals. My, how the spine chills when some people talk and write about Harper. Then there are the many “faces” his enemies attribute to him, among them Conspiracy Harper, Vendetta Harper, Christianist-Harper — hope of the hard line, Doomsday-waiting Evangelicals, Secret-Agenda Harper, Tool of Israel Harper, Anti-Democracy Harper, with perhaps a little space for Secret Alberta-Separatist Harper. The caricatures belong more to the old style of detective novel when the villains, projections of untethered fantasy, were eerie amalgams of malice, supernal powers, outlandish ambitions and utterly unbelievable. Harper as Fu Manchu, as it were.


Anonymous said...

As much as I like Rex he missed the boat on this one.
People have a poor impression of Harper because the media routinely lies about him, and not to build him up.

The totally false Wafergate story filled the news for three weeks.
On it's face it was a farce, who cares about a bloody cracker anyway?
And to top it all off it was a complete fabrication, but that didn't stop the majority of the idiot media in Canada from running endless stories on it.

The hidden agenda?
By now shouldn't one of the idiots in the media have got around to asking Belinda Stronbach or Scott Brison what this hidden agenda is?
After all they were top level insiders....

Just more lies from the vast majority of the idiot media.

Rex needs to acknowledge where people get their information from.

Anonymous said...

It's the Harper Derangement Syndrome, similar to the Bush Derangement Syndrome (and recently the Romney Derangement Syndrome).