Sunday, December 30, 2012

catsmeat on HM PM Stephen Harper

Even catsmeats sees that the Tory rule will continue. I don't agree that the petit dauphin will be PM in 2019. I'm not even sure the grits will be around in 2019. Opposition leaders come and go - and, in 2015, Thomas Mulcair will switch titles with Justin Trudeau - but Harper remains on top. He's going to win again in 2015. Harper won in 2006 - and again in 2008 and 2011 - because he has persuaded Canadians that he is more like them than the other guy. He is, he shrugs, just another Tim Hortons hockey dad with a paunch. Canada, he knows, is full of Tim Hortons hockey dads with paunches. He was as much of an intellectual, an academic, as Stephane Dion or Michael Ignatieff. But his genius is his ability to get everyone to believe he isn't one.


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bertie said...

Another intelligent comment from a Liberal.The stupidity is inbred into their pea brains with an attachment to their mouths with the words just say something stupid and they will think i am intelligent coming out all the time.Hilarious really to hear,see,and talk to them.

bertie said...

I am talking about anonymous at 4.32

dmorris said...

ISRAEL! Not "Isreal"!

This is beginning to drive me nuts,if you're going to make a remark about a Country,at least SPELL the name right!

And if Harper "goes back to Israel,maybe all us conservatives will go with him,then you Liberal/liberals can fight it out with the First Nations!

In which case my money is on the Injuns.