Friday, November 30, 2012

The left has made a big mistake

The left's attempts to remove Rob Ford from office will backfire. It is rare that I agree with Sid Ryan, but in this case I do. Since the Mayor can run in a by-election, I have little doubt that if he loses the appeal, he will run and win. Let's if the cowards like adam vaughn will actually run this time. I am sure the citizens of Toronto who vcoted for RoB Ford will react badly to this cheap lawyer trick.


Anonymous said...

Those lefties in Toronto better pay attention to the attempt to remove Scott Walker. Big backfire, he won by more than the first time. Union big time failed.
Mary T

Anonymous said...

The Court removed him for breaking the law. Get your angst right.

Thucydides said...

The judge used some very convoluted reasoning to determine the Mayor "broke the law" (compare that to the pretty unambiguous actions of the Mayors of Montreal or London, ON, for example, which seem to pass without comment from the usual suspects).

Toronto City Council made their first order of business after deposing the Mayor a resolution telling Edmonton's Zoo how to care for their animals. This demonstrates how totally unserious these people are and how completely disconnected from the real business of governance, which is why I agree with the first poster that Mayor Ford will handily win a by election.

Hopefully, with a stronger mandate, he will be able to clean house and pull TO out of its decline.

Anonymous said...

"The Court removed him for breaking the law. Get your angst right.
3:48 PM "

When scumbag judges begin attacking fairly elected leaders it is time for some pay back.