Friday, November 23, 2012

The dauphin's unapology

Apparently 2 years is an eternity for le petit dauphin. He's sorry he was caught during his leadership campaign. Why doesn't he resign like dave mcliar? A terrible weak for the grits. Justin's apology is not pretty hollow.

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Jen said...

Trudeau is out here in Alta to finish what his daddy started.

I wonder what Legacy the interviewer have to say to Trudeau's own words to him regarding to Alberta. Does Legacy think what Trudeau said was different or what he (Legacy heard from Trudeau is exactly what he heard.

Elizabeth May said "canadians are stupid" but when she was confronted by Jane Taber on her statement, Liz May, just like Trudeau said, "it was taken out of context".

Mulclair is another one, he wanted two budgets from the fed government: one for Quebec and one for the ROC.