Wednesday, November 21, 2012

tax and spend pq

The pq tabled its first budget yesterday and it is pretty bad. lots of taxes and spending. Little cutting and more demands from the federal government for equalization money. The Reseau Liberte Quebec opposes this irresponsible budget. We have a website to allow Quebeckers to write the government and a Facebook page. Quebec's debt exceeds $250billion! The pq is a disaster for Quebec!!! We need to make them back down.


Anonymous said...

I’m a born and bread Albertan who has worked my whole life paying taxes. These taxes I’ve simply seen be funnelled out to eastern Canada. I’m SICK of hearing about Quebec and how much money they are demanding. I wish they would disappear off the face of the earth.

All I hear daily is how much money Quebec wants, how Ontario hates the oil sands and how the Atlantic provinces are suffering from social inequality. Alberta has given around 6 million dollars to Quebec in aide and I’m SICK of it. I’ve said before that if Quebec won’t leave then Alberta should. Then I would take great pleasure in watching the crying easterners starve and freeze.

Anonymous said...

Cutting 2,000 jobs from Hydro Quebec will hurt the utility. Already shutting down Gentilly II is bad enough. I heard some leftist saying there was nothing in the budget for the environment, well what about this ridiculous decision not to utilize nuclear power.

Alain said...

You just have to laugh. Demanding more Anglo dollars in "equalisation" is rich, since they reject all things "Anglo" even Anglo oil.