Thursday, November 01, 2012

Pauline and her delusions

The pq has a very weak minority. It has 54 seats and the provincial Liberals have 54 seats. The CAQ the balance. Marois gave her inaugural address( Quebec has done away with the speech from the Throne. A very regrettable thing). It was funny and scary.The pq seems unaware of the severe fiscal problems of Quebec and announced huge new expenditures. She also talked about Quebec foreign policy and independence. She has promised a lot without much to back it up. The pq has had no honeymoon with the electorate. It is already pretty unpopular. Marois and her advisors should stop dreaming and get to work, though I suspect they will soon be out the door. You can read the whole thing here (only in French of course). Of course marois and her gang should probably watch this. Aniother francosupremacist attack.

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