Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Munk Debate" Nuclear Iran

Went to see the Munk debate on a Nuclear Iran. I agreed with the statement of the debate and so did most of the audience. I saw iffy and said hello to George Jonas. I also saw my friends Rondi Adamson, Dan King and Gerry and Patti Nichols. It was a great evening topped off with chocolate. Congratulations to Charles Krauthammer and General Amos Yadlin. I once again found fareed zakria irritating and pompous. Monday night’s Munk Debate on Iran’s Nuclear Ambitions was one of our most closely fought debates to date. Fareed Zakaria and Vali Nasr moved public opinion against Charles Krauthammer and Amos Yadlin by two critical percentage points to secure a win. It is also noteworthy that the majority of the urban Toronto, Canadian audience in attendance voted twice in favour of the debate motion: be it resolved the world cannot tolerate an Iran with nuclear weapons capability. Watch the debate here until Friday for free


Anonymous said...

I was at a bus stop in Calgary last week when this young man was explaining what the graffiti saying” hands off Syria and Iran” meant! He explained that the U.S. and Canada should just leave them alone and stay out of their business and country. I realized that a political argument was pointless, so I asked him how much money did he donate to Omar Khadr’ s university fund? The young man tilted his head in confusion and said ”none”. “The government", he siad, "will pay for Omar's education cause he a victim of crime and deserves it”.
I was of course and dumbfounded. But after we parted ways I realized that the Canadian government will probably pay for Khadr’s education just like we’ll do nothing when Iran is nuclear Armed.

Anonymous said...

thanks for share.