Thursday, November 01, 2012

libranos:Ontario edition

The sheer incompetence and corruption of the dalton mcliar and his gang of crooks is now increasingly obvious. Inspite of billions in mismanagement and I suspect thet on matters like ehealth, the people of of Ontario keep re electing these thugs. The Ontario libranos tried to hide the documents repeatdly but now they are out. No wonder all the rats are leaving this sinking librano ship. Perhaps this will finally convince them that it is time for Tim Hudak to be Premier of Ontario. These libranos should be going to jail not just getting large pensions. Documents show cancelling Oakville plant alone will cost $1-billion As Premier Dalton McGuinty prorogued the Ontario legislature and announced his retirement last month, he would have known that some of the darker secrets of his government’s handling of energy policy would soon come to light. Today, those secrets — until now buried in 56,000 pages of released but unreadable documents — are appearing in the open. In sordid and alarming detail, the documents show that the McGuinty government’s cancellation of gas plants in Oakville and Mississauga are likely to cost as much as $1.3-billion, possibly more. Killing the Oakville plant and moving it to Bath will alone burden Ontario ratepayers and taxpayers with costs that exceed $1-billion.


Thucydides said...

One billion dollars for a seat, and charging it to the taxpayers.

This must set some sort of record for electoral spending, and since the taxpayer was forced to pay the tab, it would seem to be in violation of quite a few laws besides.

Too bad there is no mechanism to force the Liberal Party of Ontario, their elected members and anyone else associated to repay the billion dollars back to the treasury.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Doctor, but do you really think anyone in Ontario gives a rat's rump about this. Like the electorate in all of Canada all they care about is what government offers them the most freebies, what government will save them from their poor choices in life, and what government will not require anyone to take responsibility for anything they do. And they want all this while expecting everyone else to pay for it.

Powell Lucas

Anonymous said...

As Thucy said, there is no mechanism to remove inept / corrupt politicians.
Which produces Anonymous perspective. However I only agree with Anonymous in the smallest degree, Canadians do care.
The perception that we can vote out a bum in the next election is a very misleading concept. i.e. At election time there are many more issues to consider. For example during the first election that Hudak was in against McGuinty, Hudak came swaggering out dictating that he would put all religions in schools. That turned off so many people that he tried to back down from it but it was too late. He showed his hand, he was going to be a dictator when he had the power. I truly believe people are exasperated due to the inability of the present system to listen/act to/for Canadians. It really is time for a changing of the rules/laws/system.