Thursday, November 22, 2012

le petit dauphin show himself...

to be a buffoon. The grits arrogance knows no bounds and they are still not humbled. The grits need at least another decade out of power. Then maybe the RCMP can finally catch up with the libranos.


Jen said...

What has saved and continue to save and protect the liberals at any cost, is the msm.

Look at what Dalton did to Ontario and who do you think kept him there in power for so many years knowing full well what he was doing to his own citizens.....if it wasn't for media.

The MSM in my opinion, bears the major role to keeping the liberals in government.

Trudeau expects to get the same media service as did his predecessors and he expects them to keep their distance without questions as did his liberals predecessors.

wilson said...

Both the David McGuinty 'go home to Alberta' and little Trudeau 'tired of Albertans' stories were exclusives to SUNnews!

So the msm can't ignore or cover up for Libs and Dippers like they used to.

dmorris said...

I wonder if Justin Trudeau reflects the new reality,shallow,vacuous people with a winning smile and outgoing personality are exalted over competent and experienced candidates by an equally shallow electorate.

Trudeau should not even be considered for LPC leader, he offers Canada nothing,no record of success,no experience in the real world,and no intellect to make up for those deficiencies.

But he IS a pretty face. Are LPC members SO obtuse they can't see who and what they're cheering for?

Anonymous said...

These remarks offend Albertans mainly. Big deal. If this is what the fat cats in the Conservative party think will blunt Trudeau's momentum, they're in serious trouble.